About the Discountess

This blog is an attempt to chronicle my journey to financial freedom. Ultimate goal is to save for a house, but I’ll settle for paying off my debts and  creating a better cushion in my savings account. My problems include a love of trying new restaurants, drinking wine with friends, and a serious fashion addiction. I have been known to shop my feelings, never a good quality when trying to save cash.

In any case, I’m trying to turn over a new leaf, and this is it. Let the saving begin!


4 thoughts on “About the Discountess

  1. Oh, dear. Being waaay up north must have frozen my brain. I only just this morning figured out YOU were the discountess, my sweet cousin, after reading your St. John post. When you are ready to tackle Vermont, I know of a super discounted, read: free, bed and breakfast. We never serve oatmeal to our guest but do serve swedish pancakes, corn crunch waffles, eggs Benedict, quiche and frittatas. It goes without saying maple syrup is available on tap. If you want an incredibly frugal dinner try a spinach, onion and goat cheese frittata. Hope STJ was sunny and fun.

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