Getting started…

My newly acquired financial adviser announced in our first conversation that I live a lavish lifestyle. I still don’t totally believe her. As a young, single professional in Washington, I have certain unavoidable expenditures nee NEEDS. That said, it did get me thinking. I would like to buy a house one day, and to do that, I need pay off my debts and start saving some serious cash. But, I’m not willing to do it at the expense of my livelihood. I love to go out, try new restaurants, see my friends, SHOP…and recently (as in, for the last several years), I’ve been doing that without much thought about my savings account. This is my attempt to turn that around. 

And so, this great experiment begins. Can I live in a big city on a budget and still have fun and do the things I want to do? I guess the answer is…we’ll see.

Here goes nothing…


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