The Grand Hair Experiment – Part 1

I need to get my hair cut. Most women know that this means dropping upwards of $75 for the cut and an extra $5 – $10 (depending on how stingy you are) on the tip! At one point several years ago, I was paying $90 plus tip for a blunt cut bob that anyone could do. Unreal!

Given my new-found frugality, that is not going to work anymore. I’ve always heard about the Aveda Institute – the cosmetology school that trains up and coming stylists and estheticians. They offer services (supervised by the teachers) at a far discounted rate.  Their haircuts range from $18 to $23, and they offer a full suite of spa services including nails, waxing, and facials.

I have my first appointment for a haircut and blow dry tonight. I’m thinking of something like this.

It’s not too far off from what I have now, so I’m hoping that it will be pretty easy to do. Wish me luck!

I’ll spill the details on the results tomorrow.


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