This Week from Around the Web

Greetings from cold and rainy Washington! I’ve been slacking lately, but only in posting, not reading. So, I thought  would share my favorite Discountess-friendly posts from around the web this week.

This is my inspiration for retiring early. Talk about extreme savings! This is definitely what I’m striving for…but it doesn’t seem to be working this well.

I’ve been dying for an Hermes bangle for AGES. I have an orange and gold one all picked out, but sadly, I’m out of the many hundreds of dollars I need to buy one. This might help satiate my needs for a little bit longer.


This story makes me want to track down my long-lost Aunt Mildred to see if she has been holding out on the family. Oh and in this version, she’s french.

Check out this blog on the worst rooms for rent in New York. I might not own a house yet, but I’m so glad I don’t have to live in one of these places while I wait.

Hope everyone enjoys this trip around the world wide web. Happy Sunday everyone!



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