Considering the Clarisonic

I’ve always had issues with my skin. It’s super sensitive, fair, and prone to acne. Everyone has that one thing about themselves that they will spend any amount of money on to make better. If you’re Kim Kardashian, it’s body waxing. For my friend Liz, it’s hair products. For me, it’s skin care. After a life of crazy combination skin and breakouts, I am willing to do almost anything to keep my face looking fresh.

All that said, I don’t have a super fancy face regimen. It’s Cetaphil in the morning followed by some Oil of Olay, and at night, I take my make up off with good old Costco-brand face wipes.

But a recent birthday, and the threat of grey hair and wrinkles, has caused me to think that I might need to up the ante in the skin department to ensure a somewhat wrinkle-free existence. I am lucky that I don’t really have wrinkles yet (or perhaps I just can’t see them), but I’ve heard you should start defying your age before you start showing it.

I’ve had friends say great things about the Clarisonic. You know the magical spinning wand brush that is supposed to make you look 10 years younger each morning. At $150 (or so) a pop, it would certainly be an investment, but if I can freeze time, then won’t it be worth it? I don’t know….so I’m hoping you can tell me.

Here are my big questions:

  1. Do I need to age defy or am I being silly?
  2. Will this thing make me look awesome or like I’ve been washing my face with a brillo pad each morning?
  3. How often am I supposed use it?
  4. Do I have to use the Clarisonic product line to really make it worth it or can I load it up with Cetaphil and go on my merry way?
  5. And I guess, overall, is it worth the investment?

Calling all devotees or disbelievers – help me figure out what to do! This is your moment to dictate my spending. Do I reallocate my CVS money toward skin care greatness or save my $150 for a rainy day?



4 thoughts on “Considering the Clarisonic

  1. I can’t wait to hear what people have to say. I’ve been considering purchasing one for years, but have yet to pull the trigger. I’ve always wondered if it was really worth it or if I would purchase and then a month later never use it.

    I am a loyal user of a sonicare toothbrush and believe the price tag was worth it due to the praise of my dentist who thinks I floss.

    Will the Clarisonic would do the same thing for my skin – less breakouts, even skin tone, etc…

  2. I absolutely love my Clarisonic! I bought the Clarisonic Mia over Amazon, it was slightly cheaper at $130. I’m prone to acne and swear by it. My face is so smooth, I have a lot less blackheads, it’s so convenient you can even use it in the shower. It comes with a cleanser that is mild and leaves your face so soft. I’d say it’s a great investment!

  3. Well – I don’t know about the Clarisonic, BUT, I have some passionate views regarding face wipes. I used to use the Costco face wipes until I found the Target brand/Up&Up cucumber ones – I will never go back! I don’t know how they compare price-wise, but life-satisfaction-wise, nothing will ever tear me away from them.

  4. I just bought one and am loving it so far, my skin feels great and you can use it with cetafil if you are nervous about using the cleanser they give you. I bought the mia for $119.

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