Sayonara WSC, Hello Hot Barre3 Body!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my great gym dilemma last week! For the most part, you all had the same advice – ditch the gym in favor of something you like. And that’s exactly what I did.

As of last Friday, I have canceled my membership at Washington Sports Clubs. According to the folks at Town Sports, they need 30 days to process my cancellation. A ploy, no doubt, to squeeze one last little bit of cash out of me before I go. So I have 30 days until freedom!

I am about to finish out my Barre3 class package this week. Luckily, I participated in their 28 to Great program in January, and for that, I got 2 free classes. My package plus those free classes will take me up to this weekend (when I head to Cali for wine tasting and bachelorette partying), so my plan is to start the 3 month minimum, auto renew package the week after. I get 10% off as a member of the Junior League of Washington, so my monthly total will be a little bit more bearable.

I’ve determined that if I go 4 – 5 times a week that my per class total will round in at about $10. Totally, worth it in my book! Hopefully, at the end of my first three months, my body will look like this.

Though I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to touch my toes like that. Here’s hoping!



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